Parent Organization: Cultural and Ethnic Groups

Founded in 1977, the ONYX Society of Brown University is a group that includes all members of the Brown undergraduate community in its efforts to help transition underclassmen into successful upperclassmen. Its purpose is to centralize the needs and experiences of the Black students at Brown and to promote unity among students of the African Diaspora. ONYX acts primarily as a support group for seniors, but encourages unity within each individual class as they begin their journey starting from their freshman year though their last year at Brown. Members of ONYX plan to coordinate successful events, such as fundraisers, barbeques, brunches, etc. Its major event of the year is the tradition of the Rites of Passage ceremony, which serves as a celebration of the many accomplishments of the graduating seniors. Contributions are left every year to the rising senior class in the form of dues. In order for the organization to be successful, ONYX thrives if, and only if, all members of the black community at Brown, irrespective of class year, are proactively involved with the group.