Parent Organization: Art and Performance Groups

Mission Statement

We the members of MEZCLA, the Latino dance troupe at Brown University, work closely as a united group for the sole purpose of achieving three main goals.

(1) Through our love of dance and music, we strive to convey and at the same time teach the beauty, diversity, and richness of the Latino culture to the Brown community at large.

(2) Through our cultural differences we hope to learn from each other and create a fun and supportive social environment where the interchange of ideas may take place freely.

(3) Through our efforts we hope to organize social and cultural events that offer Brown students a venue for the expression of their talents.          

We simplify these three goals into our three principles: teaching, learning, and performing.

      Every year we organize & perform a cultural dance show, that, in the past, has attracted hundreds of students and faculty. We also offer a several public workshops throughout the year. It is imperative that we display our many Latino cultures in the show and workshops for the education of the Brown community.