Parent Organization: Cultural and Ethnic Groups

We were initially branded the Association of Singapore Students (ASS) but who would take us seriously like that? Singapore in particular is obsessed with acronyms, but isn't able to filter out the dubious ones that sound like kindergarten projects. 

Anyway, the Brown University Merlions is Brown's Association of Singaporean and Malaysian students. We welcome everyone, from people who call our respective countries home, to people who don't even know where the places are on the world map. (I don't blame you, Singapore is really small). As long as you're interested to learn more our countries and culture by interacting with other students who've lived there or have familial connections, you're welcome to join us!

Besides fostering a sense of community amongst Singaporean and Malaysian students, we also seek to promote awareness of our countries' culture and practices amongst the larger Brown community, as well as perform outreach work to interested potential applicants back in Southeast Asia - spread the Brown love! We are also one of the few Category III cultural and ethnic groups, so you can tell we Mean Business.