Parent Organization: Recreational and Athletic Groups

The Brown University Kendo Club provides a place for individuals who practice kendo and any who may be interested in learning and practicing kendo. No prior experience is necessary and we are always open to new members!


What is kendo? Kendo is the Japanese way of the sword or Japanese fencing. We practice with bamboo swords (shinai) and wooden swords (bokken). We also use a specialized set of armor known as bogu made of several parts: Men (head protector), Do (Body protector), Kote (wrist and hand protector), and Tare (Waist/Groin protector). Practice is usually made up of warm ups, suburi (repetitions), waza (techniques), and keiko (sparring for those who have bogu). If you have prior experience please bring all your equipment to practice for the first time. If you are starting out for the first time or simply wish to check it out please come on time to class in comfortable workout cloths and we will provide you with any equipment you may need. For any questions please feel free to contact us at any time.


For the '12 -'13 academic year practice are normally held as follows:

Sundays: Kasper Multipurpose Room, Faunce House 8pm - 10pm
Tuesdays: Kasper Multipurpose Room, Faunce House 8pm - 10pm

PLEASE EMAIL and make sure we will be having practice. Thanks!