BRIO Highlights 2011-2012

Posted by Kavin Nunez on July 7, 2012

A look back onto our amazing year at BRIO!

Hello everyone! Let’s take a look back onto our amazing year of exciting events!

International Student-Faculty Mixer:  A great way to get to meet many professors that you might not have the chance to meet in larger lectures or just do not want to meet in the classroom setting.  With over twenty professors and deans from various departments in attendance, this was the place to be able meet your professors and perhaps prospective advisors…Oh and did I mention that former President Ruth Simmons was in attendance?

Balls of the World: This 5v5 soccer tournament is a great way to show your pride in your country and just have a nice relaxing break from studying for exams.  What is more fun than spending a Saturday afternoon playing soccer with close friends and meeting new people?  Plus the country that wins, this year being Colombia, gets huge bragging rights for the remainder of the year.

Arabian Nights-Sheikh It!: This was our third annual Halloween party and was a huge success. “Arabian Nights-Sheikh It!” was obviously the place to be for Halloween weekend as everyone wanted to be a part of this magic carpet ride.  In collaboration with Unicef this event was not only a fun, but a charitable event.

The Devil’s Double: What better way to take a break from studying than watching The Devil’s Double with your friends at BRIO! We provided a screening of the movie in an auditorium and everyone was invited to come join us in watching this gripping movie based on a true story.
Around the world in 80 minutes: Spend the day with the kids from Brown’s tutoring outreach program and help teach them about your culture.  The most important part of this day was to just show the kids a great time and to enjoy doing it.  

World Cultural Dinner: Probably our largest and most enjoyable event for us every year.  We celebrate various cultures by bringing their respective foods and entertainment to you all on one fun-filled night.  Many come and join us in stuffing our faces and watching dances provided to you by various other groups in the Brown community.

Come join us next year as we do many of these events and much more!