Parent Organization: Cultural and Ethnic Groups

The mission of Brown/RISD Hillel is to provide an open, warm, and pluralistic environment in which students can shape their college experience by connecting socially, culturally, and spiritually to their Judaism.

Hillel aims to foster students' personal development and creativity by facilitating work in the arts, cultural events, spiritual practices, and educational opportunities. Through self-reflection and expression, students at Hillel can find connection and identity with their Jewishness, taking part in the colorful, unfolding narrative of the Jewish people.

Hillel also serves as a nexus for Brown and RISD students' relationship with the larger Jewish community. As a religious home, a community gathering place, and a bridge between Providence and the State of Israel, Hillel connects Jewish students to each other, as well as Jews and Jewish stories from around the world.

Ultimately, the goal of Brown RISD Hillel is to prepare students for their entry into the wider world with a strong, deeply rooted Jewish identity. Through social justice work, interfaith dialogue, and civic engagement, Hillel promotes the core values of hesed, tzedakah, and tikkun olam, strengthening the bonds of lovingkindness and social responsibility as the foundation for a fully Jewish life.