Parent Organization: Recreational and Athletic Groups

The Brown Breakdancing Club, also known as Ground Breakin', aims to explore and further develop dance and hip hop culture as a means of appreciation of this unique category of modern dance. Ground Breakin' welcomes all who are interested in the forms of freestyle breakdance, popping, and locking, regardless of previous experience level. The exploration and augmentation of breakdance culture is truly unlimited, and the goal of this club is to unite in hopes of bringing inspiration, motivation, and innovation to the same table: performance.

Ground Breakin' hosts multiple practices per week, all open to anyone who wishes to come, and participates in numerous performances, both in closed quarters and on the streets, as part of an effort to reach out to the greater Providence Community.


Weekly Workshops:



TF Green 205

Freestyle Sessions:

Tuesdays and Thursdays


Regular Session

TF Green 205 




Battle Tactics

Ashamu Dance Studio